Navy Cyber: The 5th Operational Domain


cyberwarOK I just saw an awesome video that I’ll embed below.

I loved it. Watch as the USN comes under attack by bad cyber guys and then see the good guys go tappity-tap on their keyboard and protect the Navy. OK maybe some of it is a little bit cheesy, especially for any person who has been in a real cyber ops environment, but still I love it. You have to have heroes and folks at 10th fleet might as well be mine. And any short video designed to get new recruits is going to have to inject a bit of cheese just to keep the attention of the viewer. I imagine this is especially true of the youth this video is trying to reach.

On a more serious note: All the DoD Services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines plus SOCOM) must dedicate significant resources to keeping their networks and operational military systems secure, and the most important resources they have are very savvy/well trained people. If you are in a position to advise potential recruits to the Navy or other Services on potential career paths you should definitely steer them towards cyber defense, the military is a great way to learn the trade.

As for the video: watch this and remember: Go Navy!

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