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In 2012, we embarked on a bold idea – build an accelerator focusing exclusively on growing the ecosystem of civic startups building the future of government tech. We had no idea about the level of response we would get from those energized to start civic startups, only a vision of what needed to change – better, more effective services and interfaces for government – and that startups would play a crucial part in creating that better future.

Fastforward to today, we are proud of our seven inaugural Accelerator companies, all of which continue to increase revenues, secure financing, and grow their teams.

Startups with Advisors Tim O’Reilly, Caterina Fake, and the Code for America team.

“Our 2012 Accelerator Class represented some of the best entrepreneurs I’ve met in my nearly twenty-year career of starting businesses and investing in startups. It was a pleasure to help accelerate their businesses through the combination of financial resources, industry mentors, business development introductions, and support that the Accelerator was able to provide.”

– Ron Bouganim, Volunteer Director of the Code For America Accelerator

The opportunity to disrupt government IT (to the tune of $140 billion) is only too real and there is now an incredible opportunity for startups to step up, serve their country, and code for America.

Apply Now (deadline May 31):

Building on the momentum from Code for America Accelerator’s first class, we are pleased to announce our 2013 application is open. Supporting startups are core to what we do here at Code for America. We know that government can’t do its work alone. It needs engaged citizens. It needs community organizations. And it needs innovative practices, talent, and effective, lean products from the best and brightest in the startup world.

“More than anything, the Accelerator is about helping to build the ecosystem of civic startups; a community of great companies literally redefining how government works.”

– Ron Bouganim

We invite you to join our incredible, growing community of civic startups. Apply now!

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