Need for Better Req’t Writing Training

Contracting folks get a lot of training…

But one of the things I just don’t hear a lot about is improved requirements training. People writing Statements of Work aren’t stupid; they’re often highly intelligent.

Still, I don’t hear requirements writers spouting off FAR Part 11 — Describing Agency Needs. In fact, requirements writers are often surprised when you help them improve a SOW. They’re just not used to receiving help.

This tells me two things —

(1) We need to teach requirements writers how to find what they need in FAR Part 11 instead of saying “This is a bad SOW.” It’s a lot of that old “teach a man to fish” philosophy.

(2) Contract specialists need to provide excellent customer serive (i.e. I exist to support you, the customer; I will train you and stay in the trenches with you).

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