Net-Enabled Command Capability (NECC) – cancelled

Because the various agencies of the Department of Defense were unable to come to agreement on the requirements and implementation of an updated Joint Command and Control capability, NECC has been canceled and funding directed towards the various Global Command and Control System silos.

“Due to the unwillingness of the Services and others to agree to a joint command and control modernization that is centrally managed, the committee directs the termination of the NECC system.”

I’m not sure this is a bad thing. But at some point the Services and DISA need to come to an agreement on a method for centralizing core C4I capability for use across all Services and Agencies. Core functionality will improve communications, enhance knowledge retention, and support compliance, such as records management, and governance, like keeping control over feral Sharepoint implementations.

The technology doesn’t need to be reinvented, capabilities like social networks, twitter, Google Wave, clouds, and Forge.mil can be leveraged to allow a malleable, but secure environment that supports the fluidity of the battlefield. What needs to be lost is the “Not Invented Here” and “MINE” syndromes.

Just my two cents.

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