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Net-Enabled Command Capability (NECC) – cancelled

Because the various agencies of the Department of Defense were unable to come to agreement on the requirements and implementation of an updated Joint Command and Control capability, NECC has been canceled and funding directed towards the various Global Command and Control System silos. “Due to the unwillingness of the Services and others to agreeRead… Read more »

Records Managers are the Original Knowledge Managers

I had an interesting conversation with two very intelligent and motivated gentlemen yesterday morning to discuss the focus and purpose of DoD 5015.02-STD. That is a series of blog posts itself. Bumper Stickers At the end of the conversation, Mark mentioned that if we (Records Managers) can link into the current buzz over Knowledge Management,Read… Read more »

Weekend Events in My Corner of the World

Anyone near Tucson this weekend, needs to come check out our village’s Mountain Empire Wine, Dine & Unwind! Three rural communities are crowdsourcing a great time. My sister’s cafe is having a murder mystery dinner for $30 a person that includes a four course meal, matched wines, and the mystery. I’ll be servingRead… Read more »

Disruptive Thinking

I was just interviewed for a co-worker’s clearance update. As the investigator read through the questions I was surprised to find myself thinking, “I am so screwed.” And that was a shock! I’ve had a security clearance for most of my adult life. I’m a card carrying conservative (fiscally anyhow.) But the questions are soRead… Read more »

Archivists and Testers in the New World 2.0 Order

I’ve wondered why I am passionate about testing and record keeping. They are not two disciplines that seem to fit together. Lately, I’ve been reading and thinking and bouncing ideas off people I admire, and thinking some more. I’m not done thinking, but felt compelled to share the jelly. The discussion about identifying and capturingRead… Read more »

Collaborating for successful DoD 5015-STD compliance tests

We are very flexible in supporting vendors’ methods for collaborating and coordinating a successful compliance test. Usually this is via email with massive CC lists or worse, everything is filtered through one person. Lately, I am finding that vendor wikis are a very good collaboration tool. When we can contribute on their wiki, email isRead… Read more »

DoD 5015.02-STD Evolution

As we go through the experiences of collaborating to allow successful compliance testing of a vendor’s product, we also gather information that is used to determine what should be included as the standard evolves. Our goal is to not make RM a stand-alone niche or to stand passively by while technology roars ahead. We wantRead… Read more »

Why Records and Who Cares?

I just read a tweet that pointed to a blog post that sent me sort of sideways… @parapadakis: Is it a record? Who cares? #ECM #edrms #compliance I’ve had a chance to think a little more about this and realize that @parapadakis is trying to start a discussion and not a fight 😀 PleaseRead… Read more »