Networking in a New Way for a New Career

India, with population of approximately 1.3 billion (as per 2012 estimates), is a huge market in terms of searching a new career for yourself. When you will look around you will realize that hundreds of people have applied for the same job listed on an online job portal or local newspaper. All applicants are your competitors for the prized job you are searching for. But then how you will give yourself an edge over others in the path to finding a new job (whether it’s first or when you are over 50 years)? How will you crack/access the so called “hidden job market?”

You must be thinking why would a company hide a vacancy for a post when it has a requirement for a new employee, and when so many talented people are searching for a job! The reality is that the chances of a vacancy not being advertised increases with the level of the job. Sometimes, companies hide a job due to a required confidentially of the search for new employee. That’s when you require Networking.

Networking needs to be done consistently throughout a career, and developing a list of contacts either through social networking sites or business functions. Every person you know through these media can become your referrer for the particular opportunity you are looking for. You can expand your network or get advice or information from the persons in your network at present.

Your career network should contain both current and former colleagues, alumni from your school, and of course friends and family members. Recent surveys have revealed that majority of job-seekers land jobs as the result of a referral from a colleague or friend, while only 2-4% from online job portals. To jump start your career, follow these tips to stand out from the crowd in the job market.

Understand the Domino Effect
If you want to be successful in your job search, your understanding for the Domino Effect is very important. The Job-Search Domino Effect has five key phases including Marketing Preparation, Dynamic Cover Letter, Excellent Resume, Interviewing Skills and Timely Follow-up. If you ignore any one of these phases, your likelihood of landing to your dream job decreases.

The role of self-assessment
Self-assessment is tough but it is soul of the job search process. Self-assessment involves a set of exercises that will help you know yourself in a better way. Then you can convey your unique characteristics to potential employers efficiently. Take career test or quizzes and learn what you need to improve more. Do have a firm grasp on your accomplishments and achievements.

Organise, communicate and follow up with your network
Social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are a good source of information about various job vacancies or current requirements in a company. Maintain a database of company names, phone numbers and email addresses as it will help you communicate your needs with your network. Never underestimate your network. Do thank them for their efforts and support.

Attend social events or join business network clubs
Join a local business network clubs or attend local meetings, and social or formal events. These will help meet people presently working in a company and they may help your access hidden jobs.

Finding a job can be the hardest challenge, but if you follow these tips and try these options, success will automatically come to you. Do the career networking in a new way for a new job.

Happy job hunting!

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