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The World of Big Data as a Service: The Next Big Thing

With overwhelming usage of accessible technology in everyday life, there has been massive increase in data amount that are available to businesses today. The most practical usage of data is to manage and store it so as to achieve productivity and remain in the front row of the competition. But how companies can gain competitiveRead… Read more »

Networking in a New Way for a New Career

India, with population of approximately 1.3 billion (as per 2012 estimates), is a huge market in terms of searching a new career for yourself. When you will look around you will realize that hundreds of people have applied for the same job listed on an online job portal or local newspaper. All applicants are yourRead… Read more »

Social Media Guidelines You Should Share with Your Babysitter

In the age of evolving digital technology, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and countless other outlets have become a mode of communication among people. Through these social media platforms, sharing information has become practically instantaneous. Sharing your own information about your family is perfectly acceptable, but not when you are not around them.Read… Read more »