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I am a part-time YA & Adult Programming Clerk for our County Library, the Main Branch.

Our town has a population of under 30K people. Incomes are disparate from the West to the East. While more than 78% of our town has an income of under 17Gs per year. The other 22% are in the six or seven digit income bracket.

Jobs are scarce and pay if fairly low. A majority of our citizens do not have internet in their homes, and usually will have an e-device rather than a computer.

Today we held our first pallet garden workshop in the parking lot of our main library. We signed up 10 participants who were welcome bring a 1+. Over 30 people came. Many were driving by and saw us out there, and stopped in.

Our goals for the community garden is to increase food availability, green our town, boost the lives of pollinators such as bees, bats and birds, and to teach people how to make gardens in small or large spaces.

We never charge participants for any of our programming. Our funding comes from an ancient mil tax and creative resourcing.

Our entire library staff may be commended for being helpful, artistic, innovative and far-thinking. We wish to enhance our community by being an oasis in a desert land.

Thank you to all public servants.

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