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New Capture and Proposal Training Schedule

If you are looking to expand your professional knowledge, you may be interested in our training schedule for the next three months that includes some of our most popular classes on capture and proposal management, and also brand new programs: Cost Strategy for Proposal Managers, How to Develop and Coach Winning Oral Proposals, How to Win Multiple Award and Task Order Proposals, and a webinar series for those who consider proposal consulting or those who are already consulting and are looking to make their jobs less stressful, increase their revenues, and get better clients. There are several free webinars on the schedule as well.

Here are some of the classes that we will offer in January-March, 2011 (you can see all the details at http://www.ostglobalsolutions.com/training/schedule/index.htm):
Free webinar on Jan 26, 2011: 12 Ways to Find Opportunities in the Federal Market.
Webinar series on Feb 8-15, 2011: How to Succeed as a Proposal Consultant.
Classroom training on Feb 22-23, 2011: Capture Management: How to Position to Win Before an RFP Issuance.
Classroom training on Feb 24-25, 2011: Winning Government Proposals: How to Write Less and Win More.
Free webinar on Mar 9, 2011: Top 10 Proposal Mistakes.
Classroom Training on Mar 21-22, 2011: Preparing Winning Multiple Award and Task Order Proposals.
Classroom Training on Mar 23, 2011: Cost Proposal Strategy for Proposal Managers.
Classroom Training on Mar 24-25, 2011: How to Develop and Coach Winning Oral Proposals

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