New Discussion: Should Legal Informatics Technologies Be Open Source?

A new discussion of the question: Should Legal Informatics Technologies Be Open Source? is currently underway. The conversation was begun by Grant Vergottini of Xcential Group, with a new post at the blog entitled To Go Open Source or Not? In that post, Mr. Vergottini poses two questions:

  1. Which data models should be used in legal informatics systems?
  2. Which aspects of these models should be open source?

Ari Hershowitz of Tabulaw — and a member of our community — has responded with his new post at the Tabulaw blog, entitled Legislative Model: How Much to Open Source?

This topic has been much discussed in the past in the free-access-to-law community, and on my blog, I’ve discussed several aspects of this topic. What are your views on this topic today?

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