Justice, Public Safety, and Homeland Security: Budget and Future IT Business Opportunity Correlation

Deltek Sr. Analyst Chris Cotner reports.

Previously, GovWin illustrated how state budget efficiency can be used as a metric for future budget increases or decreases. While those articles focused on state all-funds budget efficiency, this article focuses instead on justice and public safety (JPS) and homeland security (HS) budgets. The analysis outlined below offers insight into state spending trends, including how budgets and efficiency affect the number and value of available IT opportunities a particular state may have. For the business community, such analysis bears utility as a tool to determine states of future business focus.

As outlined in previous articles (here, here, and here), there are two prevailing lines of logic regarding budget efficiency. Efficiency or inefficiency may directly correlate with future budgets (i.e., efficient states may look to continue efficiency). For other states, the correlations may reverse, in that efficiency may negatively correlate to future budgets (i.e., efficient states may have room to grow future budgets due to current fiscal health). So, while a universal line of reasoning does not apply for all states (understanding this variance as the norm for most business in the state and local space), certain patterns and trends emerge when examining specific state budget verticals.

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