New Federal Budget Will Be Good For Federal Retirement Savings

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President Obama has always been one for focusing on federal retirement savings and recent news arriving from the White House indicate that the President will focus on the same matter in the coming budget as well. It’s expected that some new proposals will be put forward that will aid in the expansion of the access to retirement savings accounts provided to the employees. Also, some previous provisions are also expected to be looked at.

President Obama to expand access to federal retirement savings:

It’s common knowledge that the multitude of the American working class doesn’t care about retirement plans. Around 1/3rd of the population haven’t got a savings or pension available for their post-retirement life and let’s just say that this is a stat that we would like changed sooner than later. Thankfully, the President’s proposals, if accepted, would go a long way in enabling millions of people access to retirement savings accounts.

This increase will occur the most from the legislation that requires the employers that currently don’t have any workspace retirement plan to make the enrolments on the behalf of their employees in an IRA. The employers that would do this would be compensated by 3 thousand dollars in their tax credit. This proposal was part of last year’s budget as well but the Congress didn’t approve it.

This step is destined to make the post-retirement lives of millions of Americans a lot better than they would turn out otherwise. It’s worth mentioning that even though the initiative has been taken by the President, the final approval lies in the hands of the Congress and while the excitement went in vain last year, this year it’s hoped that things might just turn out for the good. This particular plan, once approved is probably going to stay for quite some time.

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