New from Robb Shecter: Permalinks to U.S. Trademark Records

Robb Shecter, creator of OregonLaws.org and WebLaws.org — and a member of our community — has announced a new, innovative service: Permalinks to U.S. Trademark Records.

Robb explains that currently, links to trademark and servicemark online registration records of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) expire after a short time, and the PTO offers no permanent URL service. So Robb created a new service that enables users to “create links that don’t expire to trademarks at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.”

Robb says his service was inspired by tinyThom.as, a site providing a similar permalink service for U.S. federal legislation records stored on the Library of Congress’s THOMAS system.

Robb told me last week that he has the following plans for his trademarks permalink service:

  • Make it easier to share a reg. page via a browser plugin and/or a web form where someone can copy & paste the original url to get a permanent one.
  • Possibly adding the ability to create permalinks to searches, not just permanent records.

Please feel free to use Robb’s new service and let him know your ideas, either by contacting him directly or by commenting on this post.

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