New Media Discussions at AIDS 2012 Conference

All this week, thought leaders from various sectors of society and from all over the world have descended on Washington DC to discuss next steps in addressing HIV/AIDS at the International AIDS Conference. Covering topics such as clinical science and human rights – this massive event is focused on prevention and eradication of the disease.

Recently, a panel was convened to discuss the intersection of new media and AIDS – something I’ve been honored to participate in over the past few years with the good folks over at The State of New Media & HIV panel included key players in the health landscape such as Susannah Fox, Todd Park, and topic specific pioneers – Venton Jones and Oriol Gutierrez. The panelists were given an opportunity to discuss the impact of emerging technologies and research for creating solutions around the disease.

As the week continues, there will be more sessions focused on innovative applications through media and technology (mobile health, ICT and social media) – check out the full schedule via the blog. Susannah Fox also expands on her experience at the panel, presenting valuable research and insights from the Pew Internet Project.

Finally – we have the livestreamed video from the panel. Complete with awesome Todd Park introduction.

Watch live streaming video from aidsgov at

Just like many aspects of public health, the future will depend on a variety of solutions (big and small) but most importantly everyone working together to make those solutions last.

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