New NIH Publication: Principles of Comm Engagement, 2nd Edition

We’re glad to share this announcement from Amanda Jones of the Health Equity Movement:

“The new National Institutes of Health publication, Principles of Community
Engagement, 2nd Edition updates and expands the 1997 booklet published by the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Agency for Toxic Substances
and Disease Registry ( The
executive summary describes the publication as a primer that “can serve as a
guide for understanding the principles of community engagement for those who are
developing or implementing a community engagement plan, or it can be a resource
for students or faculty.” The chapter headings appear below. Copies may be
ordered through the Government Printing Office at

– Community Engagement: Definitions and Organizing Concepts from the
2 – Principles of Community Engagement
3 – Successful Examples
in the Field
4 – Managing Organizational Support for Community
5 – Challenges in Improving Community Engagement in Research
– The Value of Social Networking in Community Engagement
7 – Program
Evaluation and Evaluating Community Engagement
8 – Summary”

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