New publication: The Public Manager 2.0 – Preparing the social media generation for the networked workplace

The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs & Administration (NASPAA) just published a special issue of the Journal of Public Affairs Education titled “Social and technological innovations in teaching public affairs“. The special issue was edited by Thomas Bryer and Angie Eikenberry (thank you!).

My paper is title “The Public Manager 2.0: Preparing the social media generation for the networked workplace“. In the article, I explain my teaching philosophy for a new course I designed on the use of social media applications in the public sector. The full syllabus and readings are included.

Here is the abstract:

This article provides the design of a new student-centered information management
course to teach the effective use of social media technologies in the public sector
as part of public affairs programs. The goal of this “Government 2.0” course
is to provide students with analytical and technological skills to navigate the
challenges future public managers are facing in a networked workplace. Social
media technologies, such as wikis, blogs, microblogging services, or social
networking sites, have evolved into innovative channels to collect and share
information about government updates and breaking news as well as ongoing
operations. Future public managers trained in public affairs programs expect to
have access to and work with social media technologies at their future workplace.
This course sets out to build competencies and skills to create an increased
awareness and knowledge about the effective use of social media technologies
for informal learning among government practitioners. Six course elements are
identified that support student-centered learning and distributed responsibilities
in a combination of online and offline learning experiences. Each course element
is discussed, including its learning objectives, related student activities, outcomes,
and evaluation elements The article concludes with recommendations for faculty
who plan to teach with social media technologies in public affairs programs.

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