New Survey at CTOlabs.com: How do you define “Big Data”?

More thank likely you have been studying Big Data. I wonder what you mean when you use the term? I believe many of us are using that term in similar ways now. I just updated the Wikipedia entry on Big Data to capture an increasingly common use of the term: ”For the enterprise CTO, Big Data is an approach to design. It is a strategy for dealing with large quantities of data.”

I suggest we all dwell on the term a bit now, since it will soon get very muddled. Over the next few months there is a very good chance that every IT firm everywhere will start using this term to describe what they do. We stand the risk of having this term Big Data lose all meaning unless we technology practitioners have a clear understanding of what we mean when we use the term.

Maybe that is ok. We will still know what needs to occur. We need to build better ways of making sense over large, complex data sets that are only growing.

But it is probably best if we think through, what do we want the term to mean? We just created a survey on our sister site CTOlabs.com to collect input on this question, and would very much appreciate your input there.

Please give us your definition. We will publish the best for community use. To participate in the survey visit:


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