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New York state sends out subpoenas for Monroe County’s privatized communications system

INPUT Analyst Evan Halperin reports.

The New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has issued subpoenas to a number of individuals who are part of local development corporation (LDC) Monroe Security and Safety Systems (M3SLDC). M3SLDC was established in 2009 by Monroe County to provide public safety technology and services to county citizens. With millions spent and Monroe County on the hook for $224 million, questions are being raised as to the creation of MS3LDC and its contractor Navitech Services Corp.

Back in 2009, following the creation of the Monroe County local development corporation, I blogged about how the creation of such a corporation would be disadvantageous to the county because it would prevent revaluation of services, software and hardware every few years. Under normal circumstances, an agency would bid out services and if the results were unsatisfactory after the initial terms of the deal, the agency could rebid the services and contract with a new vendor.

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