Newest OMB IdeaScale Effort on Government Reform

I am enjoying the ideas being generated to reform government at Those who are interested can submit their ideas by April 15 and let OMB know what they think about the scope and effectiveness of government programs, areas of overlap and duplication, unmet needs, and possible cost savings. Check it out, but vote for others’ ideas before submitting your own. I think you’ll find that someone has already thought of your idea and submitted it.

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Some interesting ones

-No Govtrip – cracks me up as I hated using it. Interesting that there is also another one about travel costs and then people purchasing own tickets

-2 to 3 on getting rid of unproductive people

-2 to 3 on end of year budget

-I like the zipcar idea

-A bunch on telework

-A bunch on early retirements

P.S. I hate having to log in to vote.

Michael Lennon is not a “Public process”

When I attempt to register to participate, I get the following alert,

“This system is restricted to users with organization issued email addresses – Your email address does not correspond to this. Please use your organization issued email address to register.”

…even though I am using an organizational e-mail.

Terrence (Terry) Hill

I think you are right about the “.gov” requirement. This is an OMB site and is designed for internal Federal employees, not the public. I guess the thinking is that current employees have a better insight into the efficiencies and elimination of redundancies than the general public. There are other forums for the general public to voice their discontent with government.


Makes sense – only think I’d do is make that a little more clear up front. What ideas want, from who, how long for, and what doing with them.