Next Tuesday: Innovation Party

Last week I held a little get-together at Vbar with friends and people who read this blog. It was great fun – people met, talked big ideas & challenges, contacts were made, email addresses changed hands. Coffee was consumed. A big (little) success.

Since then, people have been asking when I’m going to do it again, which is great. But everyone seems to have individually and unanimously decided to refer to this as “Geraci’s office hours”. And I just can’t stand by that as a name at all. Office hours are things you go to only when you need specific information, or when you need to get in good with your professor. What this is is something where anyone can drop by, socialize, explore, trade ideas, pitch ideas, have fun. Totally different.

So in order to get out from under the “office hours” yoke, I’m giving this get-together a name: Innovation Party. I don’t much like offices or hours, but I love innovation and I love parties. So an Innovation Party is a double win.

I’m holding the next (or the first!) Innovation Party next Tuesday, at lunchtime (so anyone who wants can attend), somewhere in the Union Square / FlatIron area. Mark it on your calendar, and I’ll update everyone on the exact time and place on Monday.

Hope to see you then!

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