Your email address can impact your careeer!

What do email addresses like “Pookie Bear,” “Hot Mama,” ” Macho Man,” Twilighter,” and “Sexy Stud” have in common. They could all hold up your advancement or even stop you from being hired.

Unprofessional e-mail addresses can hurt your chances just as much as unprofessional e-mails. It is important to set something up that says something about your personal brand that is professional, not offensive and that will make someone look at your application. Business e-mails are a tool and that tool represents you.


  • Separate your personal and professional e-mail addresses
  • Don’t use your current work e-mail to apply for jobs
  • No unnecessary use of cuteness
  • Choose your address wisely – What does it say about your brand?
  • Avoid sexual, political and religious references
  • Avoid vulgar language
  • Watchout for uppercase overkill
  • Consider your audience

What does your email address say about your brand? Are you new and improved or fast actong? Are you a problem solver or team player?

Bottom-line: Don’t let your e-mail address overshadow your resume. Just think about it.

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