Next White Paper Outline: Featured Based Techniques for SharePoint

Featured Based Techniques for SharePoint

Brian K Seitz


What are Feature Based Techniques?

Why are Feature Based Techniques important to SharePoint?

Feature Based Requirements Techniques

Problems with old methods

  • Overly administrative
  • Slow to delivery, Slow to receive benefits
  • Complex relationships difficult to represent

Problems with new methodologies (Agile)

  • Disconnected from rest of enterprise, unless significant administrative activity is created and fostered
  • Leaves islands of automation to be cleaned up later (tomorrow never comes on my watch)
  • Does not take advantage of economies of scale unless reuse policy and processes are in place and enforced

Why Information Architecture Feature Based Requirements

  • Feature Based design is not new (Mechanical Engineering)
  • What’s new Requirements based on creating Information Architecture Features
  • Mapping Information Architecture Features to SharePoint Features (Best Practice for Reuse)
  • SharePoint is a Feature Based system and most design work is centered around configuring features

Feature Based Requirements

Functional Features

Information Features

Creating a Requirements Matrix

Feature Based Design

Mapping between Requirement and Design Features

SharePoint Features (components)

Web parts



Calendar (List)

Document Library


Site Collection


Feature Based Quality Assurance

Feature Based Training

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