NIEHS Sustainability Report available

The NIEHS has submitted their first Sustainability Report for public viewing. Please read through and send us your comments. Thanks!

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Trisha Castranio

Hey Andrew,
Nice to know we are neighbors. Thanks for your support by putting the report up for me! Cool! I love technology. Please stop by for a visit anytime! I’d be happy to show you around. Trish

Trisha Castranio

Thanks for your comment, Harlan. ESPCs are based on audits of energy usage and technology and find ways to save the most money with no upfront costs and reasonable return of investment (ROI). It would be unique for each building/institution. To explain however, our ESPC included upgrades of flourescent lighting to T8 lighting (higher lumens using less energy) as well as LEDs to replace incandescents and establishment of our solar roof. I hope this information helps.

Trisha Castranio

Thanks Jean-Paul for the cross post and for your question. We did not work directly with NIH/ORS but we did collaborate completely with NIEHS/ORF. Their data is what pulled it all together. Our format was based on the Global Reporting Initiative performance indicators. Based on the newest Executive Order we will be reporting numbers up the chain as an agency. So I imagine as we work on our GHG inventory this year it will become more of a NIH/DHHS collaborative effort. We felt that as the ‘environmental’ institute we would lead the charge and be forthright with our information.