Notes from the field: BetaNYC #BikeHack

@thefotios @ryanj representing @openshift and @OpenOakland at #betaNYC at @nyurudin! #cfabrigade

This week, BetaNYC partnered with OpenShift to demonstrate the swift ability to take a GitHub repo and spin up a number of CitiBike tools. In a developing partnership with NYU Rudin and an ongoing partnership with OpenPlans, civic hackers shared their tools, apps, and problems working with @CitiBikeNYC and #BikeNYC data. We were honored to have representatives from OpenShift, New York City Department of Transportation, Datakind, NYU Rudin at Wagner, and OpenPlans.

Thanks to OpenShift for sponsoring the evening. OpenShift is proud to collaborate with Code for America. Got a civic app? You can develop, host, and scale it in the cloud with OpenShift by Red Hat.

At the event, Ryan, one of OpenShift’s evangelists and an OpenOakland Brigade member, took one of the codebases that was to be demoed and ported it to OpenShift in minutes. Thank you Ryan Jarvinen and Fotios Lindiakos for making us better Civic Hackers.

CivicHackNight presenters included:

  • NYC Crashmapper (code) a map that is scraping NYPD crash data and providing you a detailed map of incidents.
  • Bikeshare (code) — a simple, mobile friendly dashboard to monitor your favorite citibike stations.
  • A Simple Citibike Dashboard (code) and Ruby Gem Wrapper (code) by Edgar from Streeteasy.
  • @BikeWithFriends — a group of Flatiron School Students working to build a gamified CitiBike profile system.
  • Adam’s CitiBike information aggregator in Python (code).
  • NYC Bike Share iOS app — an elegant app that geo-locates you to the closest station and elegantly displays the number of bikes available.
  • CitiBike for travelers — an elegant app that integrates the New York City Bike Map and the location of CitiBikeNYC stations. Designed to be used offline.
  • Peter Drier’s amazing spreadsheet — This spreadsheet is aggregating the broad swath of CitiBikeNYC data and deriving some interesting insights. While Peter admits not all of it is accurate, it is interesting to see some public numbers.

For the month of August, BetaNYC will be partnering with New York City’s mapping meetups and startups to showcase the PLUTO dataset. At the end of the month, we will be back at NYU Rudin for our third #CivicHackNight focusing on #BikeHack’ing. Join us and lets build a better New York City.

Questions? Comments? Hit us up @codeforamerica.

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