NYC Digital – The Open Government Ten Commandments

The Digital City Roadmap from NYC is such a powerful program because it pioneers in many areas, and integrates them effectively into a single overall strategy.

The first and core point I would highlight is the leadership role in the field of Open Government.

Quoting from page 38 of the report:

“Digital technology enables unprecedented transparency through its ability to open government information and processes to greater public participation. doitt has long been a champion of transparency and Open Government, maintaining the nyc DataMine and partnering with edc to launch the successful developer challenge, nyc Big Apps.

The City of New York will build on this success by embracing the opportunity to become the world’s most comprehensively Open Government. Using technology to enable even greater access to information and services, the City of New York, led by doitt, will create a powerful nyc Platform that supports innovation, efficiency, and economic growth. This infrastructure will unlock the City’s wealth of information resources and make them accessible to citizens, technologists, and government employees. As a result, nyc government will be more transparent, efficient, innovative, accessible, and citizen-centric.

Key to this platform will be open standards and taxonomies shared at the agency, local, State, Federal, and international levels, in order to maximize government interoperability and efficiency. The system will be developed in phases by doitt’s expert enterprise software team and private sectors partners, and will provide real-time, bidirectional information feeds through an Application Programming Interface, or api. An api is a set of programming instructions and rules for accessing web-based applications. An api enables different software programs to communicate with each other, supporting an ecosystem of tools and features powered by the application.”

The report then follows with 10 tenets of what NYC Open Government represents, and provides a real flagship example for others to follow.

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