Obama Told to Reshape “Dysfunctional” CIA

President-elect Barack Obama will certainly have his hands full when he officially comes into office. From dealing with the massive financial crises to the ongoing war on terror, it will certainly be a challenging run for him. Another thing to add to his “to do” list is reshaping the CIA.

A deep-cover CIA spy recently told The Washington Times that Obama needs to radically change the CIA or we will face more strategic intelligence failures. It is a story that has been ongoing for many years — pointing the self-serving bureaucracies that make it difficult to be nimble and deal with the threats that face us today.

This deep cover spy who goes by the name Ishmael Jones, recently published a book called “The Human Factor,” which calls for a more streamlined CIA clandestine service.

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Geoff Livingston

Good luck with that. I think the biggest challenge for Obaba is restructuring bureaucracies that have institutionalized 60 years of rules and procedures.