Out-of-Office: 7 Tips before Vacationing


In a couple of weeks, I’m going on vacation! Being out of the office impacts more people than you might imagine. This week’s posts shares seven tips on what to do before getting away.

1. Provide Fair-Notice

Speak with colleagues who will be affected by your excursion, so they can prepare. Coordinate what needs be done in your absence, holding off on non-essential deliverables.

2. Prioritize necessary Projects

Before leaving, you may think: “There’s so much to do and so little time!” Listing all current projects can help with discerning how to proceed. Wrap-up imminent tasks, and delegate someone to be your point person for ongoing assignments.

3. Meet with Supervisor

Scheduling time with your supervisor is necessary before leaving. Being on the same page with him or her will alleviate miscommunication. Ask what they need from you before your trip.

4. Mark your Calendar

The last thing you want is for colleagues to schedule meetings with you during this time. Remember to block your calendar on the days you will be out.

5. Empty your Inbox

Do you want that ticking-time bomb in your saved messages to explode? I didn’t think so. Have the discipline to tackle those difficult messages beforehand.

6. Clean Workspace

Returning to an unkempt office adds unnecessary stress. Take a few minutes to tidy things up.

7. Setup Out of Office Voice/Email Messages

Your voicemail should be clear and concise. Provide the length of your vacation, whether you will have access to phone/email, and who to contact for immediate assistance.

You want to communicate the same things on your “out of office” email as well. Please refer to the example below.

“Thank you for your message. I am out of the office until Monday, June 29th, and unable to receive phone calls or emails. I will return your inquiry once I return. For immediate assistance, please contact: Joe Brown at (888) 123-4567

Warm regards,

Wander Cedeño”

Vacation is necessary retreat from work. With a little organization, you can truly get away!

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