Office of the DNI to be “Streamlined”?

The Associated Press just broke a story about Obama wanting Dennis Blair, as the new and not-yet-announced-or-confirmed DNI, to take on a more streamlined office — and focus exclusively on giving strong direction to the nation’s 16 intelligence agencies.

While the source for this story was anonymous (which is often the case), so here’s the noteworthy paragraph from the article:

“A former senior CIA official with close ties to Obama said Monday that there has been criticism of the size and effectiveness of the national intelligence office so Blair will be expected to take stock of the office and adjust its size and mission as he deems necessary. But that doesn’t mean Blair will be making changes on his first day, according to this former official who spoke on condition of anonymity because Obama had not yet announced Blair’s selection.”

So, is this move to help overall effectiveness of the ODNI? Or, is this a sign of potential larger issues — such as budget cuts in the intel space? I guess the answer is: “it remains to be seen.”

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