Oh the app Summly? The creator is just 16, with more up his sleeves.

Created by a 16 year old, Summly is pretty amazing.

Check out this blog post over on GIGAOM (here).

The topic, Nick D’Aloisio, has created Summly, an iPhone app, which does this;

“Summari[z]es content into a digestible format that can be easily consumed to allow for a relevant and productive web browsing experience.”

Unlike Google Currents (post here), which re-formats news feeds and sites into better organized and easily readable content, Summly uses “ontological detection and machine learning techniques.” These techniques allow them to instantly summarize any Webpage or Article – integrated into Mobile Safari (or other apps via their API).

While the article is mostly a summary of Nick’s life (and how he got there), I think Summly, the app, is a great discussion topic. Unlike many apps which don’t integrate well with others, nor do they offer their API out there for consumption, Summly is open to allowing others to use their capabilities. This will (hopefully) provide some quality apps.

Summly puts big pages (with lots of words) into little words on your little screen.

Nick insists he will remain CEO for a while yet, because he is intent on aligning the application to his vision. This will be key to seeing the firm grow – and Summly will be an firm to keep an eye on. Summly has seen success in a variety of languages, including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Swedish, Mandarin, Russian, Japanese and Finnish.

Of course, the only thing I want to know is if Summly will be coming out for Android.

Check out Summly the company, here.

The application, here.

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