Online Community Management survey launches for Australia and New Zealand

Complete the Community Manager survey

Quiip and Delib Australia have launched the first online community management survey for Australia and New Zealand.

The survey aims to help local organisations and individuals better understand the skills required to work in these professions, help uncover role challenges, training and support needs and the actual work and salaries that online community management and social media management professionals can expect.

The results of the survey will be presented at Swarm later this year and then released online as a free report.

The survey was inspired by The Community Roundtable’s 2012 State of Community Management report, which drew from a largely US audience and asked a limited set of questions.

Tha Australian and New Zealand Community Management survey will be open for responses until 19 May.

For more information visit Quiip’s site at http://quiip.com.au/online-community-management-2012-survey.

To complete the survey go to www.citizenspace.com/app/delib-au/cmsurvey or click on the button above.

Note: I’m involved in the design and management and will be involved in the analysis and reporting for this survey. The goal is to provide information that organisations can use to design community management and social media management roles and to help identify the training and support individuals working in these professions require to be most effective.

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