Online ridesharing comes to Seattle

Two companies are using technology to match Seattle (WA) drivers and riders. The state funded a trial of the go520 ride-sharing application to test the applicability of ride-sharing as a strategy to reduce congestion on SR 520. The first phase of the Avego-managed project ended in June. Registered drivers were notified when someone requested a ride; they received a cashless payment of $1.00 plus $.20 per mile per passenger. “I think Seattle is obviously a very receptive, forward-thinking place,” said Avego’s Taras Kennedy. “There is a large concentration of technologically adept people and the 520 has some congestion issues that urgently need to be resolved, so it still makes sense for us to be there.” Zebigo also matches drivers and riders who sign up online. Riders pay $.49 to Zebigo for a successful match and a per-mile fee to the driver that ranges from $.11 to $.50 depending on distance. Transactions are handled through PayPal. Link to full story in Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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