Open Call For Proposals for Gov 2.0 Expo – Deadline Approaching

I wanted to make everyone in the GovLoop community aware that there is currently an open call for proposals for the O’Reilly Media / TechWeb – produced Gov 2.0 Expo, to be held in Washington DC in May. The success of the Expo Showcase and Summit in Sepember have made me confident that the Expo program will be innovative, intelligent, and interesting for the audience.

We will have one day of 90-min workshops, about half of which will be techie and the other half which will be policy-oriented. We’d love submissions from people who might want to run a workshop on (say) Web 2.0 tools for local government, or What’s the “cloud” have to do with computing, anyway?

We’ll also have about 3 hours of “keynotes” which will involve anything from a 5 min rapid-fire talk to a 20 min talk to a fireside chat style interview. Ideas welcome.

Finally we’ll have a few dozen sessions consisting almost exclusively of panels. What are the great drilled down topics you want to hear? What are some problems with Gov 2.0 we should explore? What are some emerging technologies the governments should be paying attention to? What’s happening in other countries that the U.S. should know more about?

We are also assembling a fresh program committee to help us with the agenda. If you’d like to nominate outstanding people, please comment below or send me a note.

Here’s the website:

Mark Drapeau
Gov 2.0 Expo program committee co-chair (with Laurel Ruma)

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Kathleen Smith

Since there has been so much discussion about “social networking” being not the best term, could we have a nomination and voting for the new term to be used in the Gov 2.0 space?