Open Data Dispatch #1

I’ve started this newsletter for our internal open data community of interest (DataCOIN) and thought others might find it useful.

 I read a lot about open data and I bet some of you do too.  To pool our knowledge and prevent FOMO (fear of missing out), I’m starting a mini bi-weekly-ish newsletter that highlights what’s going on in the world of open data.   

Open Data Dispatch

A semi-regular round up of Open Data in the news

Big Data vs Open Data
Not all open data is big and not all big data is open.  This article attempts to sort it out.

Why you should consider ROI when releasing open data (h/t Rick Hackett)
Considering the return on investment can help you understand impact, and intent and get buy in.

Civic hacking group in Wichita pursues open data policy (h/t Diane Malone)
Open Wichita wants the city to adopt an open data policy and wants to work with them to release data. To support this the city is considering creating “two divisions in the city’s IT department, one for daily operations and another for innovations, like open data platforms.”

Ontario, Canada is moving to an open data by default policy
The Open Data Directive  takes effect on April 1, 2016 (not a joke!). The directive outlines key principles and requirements for publishing open data, including guidelines on data quality, prioritization and engagement.

New York City Council passes open data bills (h/t Diane Malone)
The bills are aimed at standardizing open data policies and procedures including managing large data sets, plain language metadata, open data request response times,  data updates and the creation of a working group for a standard for the display of addresses.

Note: h/t = hat tip

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