Open Data For Government Goes Coast to Coast (Are you Ready?)

A natural leader in the open data movement, Adriel Hampton is on a mission and that mission is to get you (yes you) involved.

“On December 10-11, at the winter CityCampSF Hackathon, Gov 2.0 advocates will publicly launch an advocacy campaign to institute an open data standard in San Francisco municipal and California state law.”

If open data standards is something you believe in, as most of us in the business do, Adriel is really working on a major movement here. Sure it may be focused on San Fran right now, but nothing stays in the bounds of a single city and/or state when the answer is one that actually applies coast to coast. And the best way to get from one city to across the nation is to have help from everyone from all over.

So what does “open data” mean to you? Does it mean enough that you’ll jump on board and help out a movement?

Look over the materials Adriel has put together, throw some help his way, and be a part of the future. It’s happening now..

[Source: Adriel Nation]

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