Open Government for Every Citizen, Every Agency

As federal agencies release their Open Gov Plan today, I look forward to seeing what thought leaders and innovators across the government have pulled together to fulfill the vision. A large part of the excitement comes from seeing what others in government are doing, what we haven’t thought of and what is possible in the future.

I’m curious, what do you think? What’s hot and what’s not in the Open Gov plans? Which Flagship Initiative are you most excited to see progress?

Instead of posting a link to every single Agency’s plan, you can jump to the Open sites from here.

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Steve Lunceford

While all the hype is around individual plans (which will take time to digest), I hope folks also take a look what OIRA pushed out today: new guidance on how social media, transparency and existing policies can mesh together:

Amanda Eamich

Absolutely – These are important resources as we move forward with more innovative, open & collaborative efforts using new media tools and tech.


Need more transparency/openess in county/township/city governments across America.
Also at DOD and Law Enforcement/police agencies–entities notorious for secrecy, inhouse corruption, “no remorse” responses for overtly criminal, lower level/administrative procedural mistakes.