Open Government in Toronto

Toronto is another city pioneering Open Government.

They operate a 311 portal with an accompanying Twitter service channel, as part of their Open Government initiative to improve Civic Engagement.

To support this they also offer their Open Data initiative, a project discussed in more detail in the white paper ‘Open Data, Open City‘ from the Martin Prosperity Institute, home of Richard Florida. It explores and explains the dynamics of this ecosystem, where software entrepreneurs are enabled to build a new layer of innovative Cloud apps that re-purpose this data in new ways.

This is a key foundation to establishing ‘Open Data Ventures’.

In the UK they are pioneering their own initiave, with the key factor being these data sets are powering catalogues of Cloud apps that utilizes the data in new ways, and by doing so offers new business models for entrepreneurs.

New York City has succeeded in attracting $6m in new Venture Capital to application entrepreneurs who had built apps using their Open Data feeds.

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