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Open Source Software in the US Gov and Military

Open means having access.

In the Dept. of Defense we need to ensure/create/enable open access to tax-payer funded technology, period.

Tax-payer funded software development needs to be openly available to all (except for really classified stuff). This means that we will need to figure out the acquisitions mechanisms needed to ensure that the intellectual property is made available to the defense industry and ultimately the tax-payer.

The inclusion of open source software into National Security Systems has jumped the chasm and shown the path. Military OSS products such as Delta3D, BRL-CAD, OSSIM, (and many many more) and of course Open Solaris and RedHat have shown the path for deployment of software systems, now we need to make the institutional default.

Prediction: 18 months from now this will be standard.

Let me know if you want to help.

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