Open Space on Open Space coming up in March in San Francisco

Lisa Heft invites NCDDers to attend the 2012 “Open Space on Open Space” — a full-length Open Space conference taking place March 14 through 16 in San Francisco. This conference is best if you have a basis of knowledge and experience about Open Space (rather than something like it) – because the thoughts, questions, topics and experiences we will share will be based on this assumption.

Join colleagues who use and / or have learned Open Space for this full-length Open Space conference. It is not a training – Lisa will not be teaching anything — this is for attendees to question, explore and share together about Open Space and related topics.

Join us for this fun annual event:

  • If you have facilitated Open Space
  • If you have not yet facilitated it but have studied it in workshops, through extensive reading, or exploring the behind-the-scenes of facilitating this in your community of practice
  • And if you want to hang out for a few days in a nutritious environment sharing thoughts, experiences and questions about Open Space and sister methods

So if you would like to learn about this method for the first time – ask me about this year’s workshop schedule offered by me and my world colleagues.

But if you know / use Open Space, even if you took someone’s workshop and are waiting waiting waiting to use it in the world, join us. Your thoughts and questions will enrich us all.

Contact me at [email protected] for further information about schedule, pricing, registration materials and nearby accommodations.

I look forward to seeing and sharing thoughts with you!

Lisa Heft
Consultant, facilitator, educator
Fellow, Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution
President Emerita, Open Space Institute US

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