OpenGov for Labor and economics & statistics agencies

There are some proposals for open/cloud functions within government that will help it work better. Please consider giving them support.

One proposal is to make web services like wikis, source code control systems, search engines and suchlike across agencies (in a virtual “cloud”), analogous to what the intelligence agencies do already. But this would be for statisticians, economists, and others. Broader discover-ability is better. Sharing code means better product; more visibility for the authors; more standardization; more eyes on bugs (whether in code or algebra or argumentation or whatever).

DOL’s collecting votes from the public on that at

If you feel like you know enough to click “agree,” please do; it will help get it to be taken seriously by the Department. They ask for an email address but won’t bother you.

Another proposal recommends open source code and principles:

This would really help us at DOL have higher morale and productivity, etc.

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