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A few months ago, I came up with a plan to understand our city operations and processes on a much more detailed level. After watching Undercover Boss last night on CBS, I thought I would share it with others, so that it might inspire you to do the same (no, I’m not going undercover).

Beginning next month, I’m starting a new type of operations evaluation for the City of Manorwww.http://www.cityofmanor.org. I will work for up to one week within each department to gain a comprehensive understanding of each department’s current processes as they exist today. After circulating through each department, I will submit analysis and recommendations for each department head to review based upon my experiences.

From a management prospective, it’s easy to find a technology to make something appear to be easier, however, I want to go in the trenches and see what works and what doesn’t. It will be an interesting experience, and I look forward to posting my experiences (via videos) and final analysis online for you to watch.

Any suggestions for me or thoughts on what you want to learn from the process?

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That’s so cool..I watched that show – good idea although execution was a little cheesy.

We did this a little in my former job CIO shop…Sent all IT folks to field to see people actually doing work. Was a lot of fun in terms of getting better idea of business processes as well as connecting with mission (in terms of morale)