OPM abandons RetireEZ

There’s always a lesson to learn in a project failure. And this time, it involves RetireEZ, the Office of Personnel Management’s project that would give potential government retirees the tools to figure out their pensions.

OPM said it was too tough to accomplish and has gone back to the paper-based drawing board to figure out how government employees can figure out their pensions.

It’s a huge failure for a transparent government and one that hopes to keep its workers up-to-date on what’s going on with their personal benefits.

The Social Security Administration has an online calculator for people to figure out just how much they will be getting from SSA when they retire. You can figure out your taxes at irs.gov.
So why not RetireEZ?

We hope OPM will be coming up with an alternative to get the system moving in the 21st century. Check out www.fiercegovernmentit.com for more on this story.

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Jim Irwin

The state of Missouri’s retirement agency (MOSERS) has an excellent set of web-based retirement tools including a calculator that lets you see what your pension will be based on the retirement date you enter.

Judi Hasson

Yes. You’re right. There is an RFI out there, but it will take many months to get this on the road again.

Henry Brown

Believe the previous one was BROKE big time… IMO the previous one was designed NOT to provide any useful information to the individuals but to provide a rather steady source of income for the contractors