Organizations using web crawlers, DARPA will no longer support CFT, VMware’s Horizon Mirage 4.0


More Cyber News we are tracking: Several organizations around the country have been collecting and selling PII, DARPA will no longer support CFT, VMware’s Horizon Mirage 4.0, and more

Who’s keeping track of Who?

After reading this article it made me reconsider how I shop or pay bills online. Several organizations around the country have been collecting and sailing personal identification or maintaining valuable information on you. A subsidiary company of Equifax gathers a consumer’s wages. A patient’s conversation between their provider and medical examination is protected. However companies are tracking health conditions through your web browser patterns. This is a short quick fact article that is a must read. Read More…

The Cyber Fast Track Program Comes To An End

DARPA will be ending their support for The Cyber Fast Track initiative started in 2011. The CFT was a test to seek out different innovative ways to slow down cyber attacks. Several endeavors was started in an attempt to find ways, but in the end it didn’t pan out. Hackers were more agile than the government funded program. Read More…

VMware’s Horizon Mirage 4.0

VMware’s Horizon Mirage 4.0 introduces a new technology called application layering. Application layering will allow the IT department to configure a base layer for each PC while allowing several independent layers to operate. Mirage supports a Workspace and View. View 5.2 is used with RDP to connect with desktops on the server. Workspace allows the customization of applications and data. Read More…

How to Prevent Spear Phising

Spear phishing attacks are designed to trick an employee in clicking on a malicious link embedded in an email or opening a PDF with malicious code. PhisMe is a company that provides SaaS for training purposes. The different scenarios allow interaction between employees and software that contains malicious code. If the user clicks on a malicious code a message will appear on the screen explaining what they did wrong. Click here for more …

IDgards Operates With No Stored Usernames or Passwords

IDgard is service provided to an organization allowing them to securely exchange or securely access their data without storing a username and password. The actual username and password generates an encrypted key. The encrypted key is then matched with the company’s data stored in the cloud for verification.

Unison’s Sealed Cloud will allow a user remote access to their individual server housing one at a time. Sealed Cloud provide failover by shifting all data from one server to another before powering down. This process is normally used for routine maintenance or redundancy. Read More

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