Osocio Awards 2010: Social Cause Advertising

Leading creative/advertising blog, Osocio, is conducting it’s annual awards event for top socially conscious campaigns of 2010 that were featured on the site. Many of you may remember Pulse + Signal guest author – Marc van Gurp, who posted content for Spread the Word Sundays last year.

Here’s an excerpt on why it’s happening:

Because we want to put the most creative and innovative social ads in the spotlight, so that non-profit organizations can learn and benefit from these best practices.

We don’t intend to compete with big advertising festivals. Our aim is to award grassroots initiatives and advertising campaigns that try to solve real-life problems. Let’s not forget that Osocio is the place where advertising and activism collide.

This is one of my favorites looking at car safety and the importance of wearing your seatbelt:

Make sure and check out the rest of the campaigns!

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