Ou est la salle de bain?

Remember when you didn’t know where the bathroom was located and asking just seemed to be announcing the obvious (that you needed to use it…right then)?

How a new employee is treated in the early days with your organization lays a foundation that either brings them into the corporate culture or repels them. And these days, corporate culture is about as different in each company as are the teams playing in the World Cup. As expensive as talent acquisition is, why waste the opportunity to fully engage your new hire from the beginning?

Onboarding is key to setting the proper tone for a new hire and welcoming a new employee can be a daunting task. There are so many things we take for granted. How to complete the paperwork. What counts as casual business wear? Where the resources are located. Who really runs the office? Add in all the new faces and names, and it’s a wonder that new employees don’t just wander off to some distant closet and sigh. A lot.

Forward thinking and people-oriented organizations realize the benefits of excellent onboarding. And they recognize the importance of creating and sustaining engaged employees.

I know you recognize the value of both excellent onboarding and employee engagement tactics. If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve got established protocols already in place.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Boxer Advisors, LLC, is finding best practice solutions to all organizational development issues. And those best practices constantly evolve. Which means that to stay on top of the game, you need to continuously evolve your protocols too.

Another thing we’re proud of are the amazing partner firms we get to work with. One of them, Modern Survey, Inc. is offering a webinar on onboarding best practices.

And, next Monday, June 30th, Boxer Advisors, LLC is offering a webinar immediately following the onboarding presentation with one directed to employee engagement within the Federal sector titled Fostering Employee Engagement.

We hope you’ll take advantage of both of the webinars. If you can’t make the schedule work, drop us a line and we’ll make sure you get materials from each presentation.

In any case, if you realize that you’ve been with your organization so long you could build the bathroom from memory, maybe now is a good time to remember just how odd those first few days can seem for a new hire and get them on the right track.

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