Our new GovLab study on cross boundary collaboration


I encourage you to take a look at our new GovLab study, “XBC: Creating public value by unleashing the power of cross-boundary collaboration.” I think there are some fairly groundbreaking things in the study including a typology of cross-boundary networks, a little tool for choosing the best type of collaboration network to meet your needs and a set of success factors you can use to measure the impact of the collaboration.

It builds on more than a decade of work we’ve done over the years on Government 2.0 and Governing by Network.

I would be interested in getting your feedback on whether you believe you can use the frameworks in the study to improve your chances of successful collaboration across government and across sectors.

Here is a link to the study. I look forward to hearing from you.


Best, Bill Eggers, Deloitte, www.williameggers.com

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Steve Lunceford

Good case studies in the report on NASA, DARPA, Virtual Alabama, Usahidi and Kiva – folks also may want to check out the appendix, which includes a tool to map your organization’s objectives and culture to the right type of network to meet your goal.

Andrew Krzmarzick

For me, page 21 is the money page, especially these paragraphs:

Imagine not only a government cloud-based workforce, but a public-private sector cloud workforce – some way of tapping anyone with expertise on a particular subject to participate on a team to solve a specific problem.

Related: though I’m a big advocate of telework, I’d also love to see regular co-location of these folks so that they can interact. My hunch is that being in the same space would lead to innovative, cost-saving ideas as well.

Steve Lunceford

Andy, there are a lot of folks excited about how idea of a cloud workforce could be implemented. I believe the GovLab team is doing some additional research and will building out more around that idea going forward.

William D. Eggers

Thanks Andy. GovLab will have an entire study laying out the concept of a government cloud workforce early this Fall. Would be great to have a discussion about it on GovLoop.

Kitty Wooley

I think this is a really valuable paper – and I think it’s hilarious that an acronym is required to put what many other people have been practicing for years on the map! How much independent thought is there, actually, in government? Oh, well … Go XBC!