Outside the Box – Inside the Box

Ant’s point of view or Eagle’s point of view? Both are necessary when tackling a complex problem, but so many times either one view or the other is championed to be the sole winner in the debate. To hear the words.”Both are right”, takes the wind out of the sails of many. What comes to mind, is the Impressionist era artist Monet… To view the paintings from a distance, it’s quite clear of what the images portray… However, if one were to take a few steps closer to the paintings, it would be apparent that the paintings were actually a well-orchestrated array of dots… The level of detail is quite amazing.

What could be more appropriate in these tumultuous times, that have everyone from individuals in households, through persons responsible for operations in national government to international governments and their citizens caught up in almost the same box. Each with their own labyrinths… with their own pitfalls and dead ends. From an eagle’s point of view, outside the box although the structure of the maze is quite clear the intimate details are subject to the perception of the beholder…On the other hand, from an ant’s point of view, the details and make up of the internal landscape is quite clear and present in the mind of those who traverse the twists and turns of the maze.

So keeping those things in mind, what’s the problem? Well, the problem is time. Just exactly how much time does the entity inside the box have to find the exit before the whole box collapses? On the other hand, how much time does the subject with the bird’s eye view have before fatigue sets in, before vision is skewed and the way forward becomes opaque at best. In this case, the answer to the problem is communication. Good communication and earnest effort is key to exiting the structure before it collapses and before the ones who can assist from outside the box because threadbare. Keeping the lines of communication open can make the difference between sheer and utter despair… and emerging in tact.

In today’s world, there are so many talented individuals who are gifted in many ways… Some are gifted with the eagle’s vision, others with an eye for the smallest detail, and some still with a little of both and areas in between. We need all of the above, if we’re going to emerge in tact, and just in time for the next labyrinth. Because I like to stay connected to people, but also feel it necessary to look outside the box, I’ve taken it upon myself, to reach out to at least one teen at a time. Just taking the time to listen to what might be ailing them, or inviting them to go running or walking with my youth and myself helps me to work through my own labyrinths. If I can help just one teen, to stay positive, stay in school, stay healthy, stay drug free, and dream of possibilities, then I’d say the effort is well worth the time. For the most part, I focus on something outside, which in turn allows me to see more clearly internally.

Which point of view is best for tackling a complex problem? Both… Even if there is only one person with the responsibility, one must mentally take a step back, determine the possible outcomes, then step back in and finish the task… Are these points of view realistic? Is there a better way to view complex situations? Thoughts?

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