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Once a Louisvillian – Always a Louisvillian!

True, I live in the DC Metro area, but Louisville will always be home. For the past few years, I’ve only looked forward to Spring in Louisville because of the Kentucky Derby Festival… This time, the NCAA Championship lineup has added a little extra spring to my step… Can the Cardinals go all the way?Read… Read more »

Loss vs Defeat

Although I rarely listen to the news these days, (Too much drama for me to digest in one sitting sometimes), I was compelled to listen to a story about a high school basketball team, whose story is a microcosm of life almost anywhere, almost anytown… You may have heard the story… I can truthfully say,Read… Read more »

Outside the Box – Inside the Box

Ant’s point of view or Eagle’s point of view? Both are necessary when tackling a complex problem, but so many times either one view or the other is championed to be the sole winner in the debate. To hear the words.”Both are right”, takes the wind out of the sails of many. What comes toRead… Read more »