Outsourcing Government Communications?

A recent news story in The Economist discussed outsourcing and privatizing of government communications, and used Sandy Springs, GA as an example of a government entity that had outsourced many functions. Suzanne Horsley, an assistant professor in the University of Alabama’s Department of Advertising and Public Relations, was intrigued by the article, and now she’s looking for opinions from government communicators for a possible study.

Do you believe this a trend among local governments, or do you think the
case in Sandy Springs is unique?

You can reach Professor Horsley at [email protected], on Twitter @profhorsley or simply share here.

What are your thoughts on the implications of outsourcing for the organization and the public it serves?

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Henry Brown

Short and Sweet… You get what you pay for

If you are outsourcing to save money almost bet the farm that not only will you NOT save money but the quality of service will go down dramatically….

Andrew Krzmarzick

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