Overcoming Challenges in Public Sector Cloud Computing

Interesting article. This is part 1 in a series on “Overcoming Challenges in Public Sector Cloud Computing”. This article deals specifically with clarifying the vernacular used when describing cloud computing and related solutions. http://blog.govplace.com/2010/01/cloud-computing/
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John Younkin

There are also some significant liability issues related to the cloud. If a provider looses or compromises your data who is going to pay damages? Most for profit businesses can leverage cloud services without some ability to flow down liability. Also for current companies who have oppourtunties to move customers to a cloud model, renegotiating Service Level Agreements to align with a Cloud Model is very difficult. Would be nice if we could get some industry group together to define a set of standard SLA’s and Liability agreements that Cloud providers could adopt. This would make it much easier to move between vendors and fully leverage the potential this provides.