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Mainframe Disaster Recovery without Tape

Interesting article. This is part 3 in a series on Mainframe DR from the Govplace blog. This article deals specifically with “the challenges of mainframe DR” and provides tactical recommendations. Let me know your thoughts?

The cultural challenges associated with Desktop Virtualization projects.

Here’s an interesting article that addresses the cultural challenges associated with implementing a Desktop Virtualization solution. “Successful IT initiatives are more about the people and processes than about the technology…..” What are your thoughts on this subject?

Transparency and Accountability through Performance-Based Engagement

Interesting article by Ryan McCullough, Govplace VP of Federal Division, about “Transparency and Accountability through Performance-Based Engagement”. Ryan has firsthand knowledge of applying a performance-based engagement approach to federal IT projects. Of important note, Ryan was awarded 1105 Media’s Rising Star Award for his work in delivering a solution delivery methodology founded in a performance-basedRead… Read more »

Why IT Projects Fail

Jon Fullinwider, former CIO for the County of Los Angeles, blogs about why IT projects fail in this multi-part blog series. This entry addresses the “project plan” or lack of. An interesting article from someone with a lot of public sector IT experience.

Virtualization Security

Andrew Ridner, from Govplace, recently blogged about virtualization security. It’s an interesting post with tactical security recommendations.

Practical Techniques for Securing your Cloud Environment

Dan Smith, Govplace Director of Professional Services, will be presenting “Practical Techniques for Securing your Cloud Environment” at the 1105 Government Information Group Security Conference on Thursday, November 12 at the Ronald Reagan Building in DC. With all of the talk about the potential of cloud computing it is good to get some insight intoRead… Read more »

Mainframe Disaster Recovery without Tapes

Dave Race, from Govplace, recently blogged about “Mainframe Disaster Recovery without Tape”. It’s an interesting post from someone with hands on experience and knowledge. I understand that mainframe clients are struggling with the cost of protecting and recovering their mainframe data. Is anyone challenged with this issue? Here is the original blog post from DaveRead… Read more »